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Use Warrior 20XX Method to burn body fat, build dense muscle and develop world-class endurance. Transform yourself inside and out.

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rapid fat loss burn body fat warrior 20xx warrior20xx
Experience Rapid Fat Loss

"Finally broke my weightloss plataeu... down 6 lbs in 4 days. This program is great." - Marcello Antonio

Warrior 20XX workouts are optimal for burning calories and promoting physiological changes that further promote fat loss outside of your workouts.
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Develop World-Class Endurance

"I am on third week in and am absolutely amazed at how great I feel and how much my stamina has increased in just 3 weeks." - Melissa Clement

MMA Champions utilize Warrior 20XX format to develop championship level performance, endurance and conditioning. You will improve your cardiovascular health as well.
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Build Dense & Athletic Muscle

"I started doing the Warrior 20XX as my conditioning routine, these are really fun and tough workouts depending on the intensity you do them with"- Roni Tuomi

You will push your body to the limits which will boost your hormones and as a result promote muscle gain. You will work your muscles very thoroughly and hard to make them grow bigger and stronger.


If there is one quality that separates athletes and fighters from the rest, it's called...


The ability to endure and sustain your performance at a high level without losing performance.

Normally, this is considered to be only a physical attribute. The psychological aspect, which is less talked about, is equally if not more important.

It's not enough to have strength endurance and cardio, you also need to be psychologically strong enough to push to your limits. Not only in competition but also in training.

Without this quality, you will not be able to develop anything to a high level. Moreover, without mental fortitude you cannot even achieve anything worthwhile in life.

For the longest time, we focused mainly on the other physical qualities such as strength and mobility.

We never could have understood how important strength endurance actually is and how brittle our minds were when tested in the fire.

Warrior 20XX will produce incredible physiological effects, the strongest you've probably witnessed so far, but it will also develop your mind.

Understand this: "PHYSICALITY = MENTALITY."

The mental development will evidently show in your physique and vice versa.

Warrior 20XX will literally forge you in the fire.

Don't learn to deal with the fire. Become the fire.

Are you ready to show the world how strong you've become?

Your Drill Sergeant

eero westerberg drill sergeant

Eero Westerberg

Head Coach of VAHVA FItness

Eero is a world-renowned movement master, researcher and physical educator. He has a firm grasp of human movement thanks to traveling the world for over 4 years learning from various masters and teachers while experimenting extensively with himself and his students.

Eero has over 10 years of experience in physical fitness and has worked over 6 years as a trainer. He is a serious practitioner of MMA, been to military and has mastered the most effective and strenuous training imaginable.

"It's important to realize that Eero's teachings are literally world class. It's quite possibly the best advice you can find today."

Matt Cook - Eero's coaching student

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Weight Loss
Burn Body Fat & Experience Rapid Fat Loss

Warrior 20XX workouts are optimal training for burning fat and creating strong physiological changes in the body. You can count on this: you will be sweating a lot in Warrior 20XX workouts!

Users Losing Fat & Cutting Weight Without Doing Repetitive Cardio.

Roni Tuomi went through an absolutely incredible transformation and now competes in MMA & BJJ.

"I have been training with the Athlete 20XX and Warrior 20XX programs for a year now. 

I started doing the Warrior 20XX as my conditioning routine, these are really fun and tough workouts but depending on the intensity you do them with, I think anybody can benefit from these.

I really like them for their simplicity and the fact that you can do them anywhere, I travel a lot so I don’t always have access to a gym. I have done the workouts at home, parks and beaches just to name a few.

VAHVA Fitness has helped me to overcome injuries, build an athletic foundation to compete in martial arts and lose fat."

Coyote Jackson lost a crazy amount of weight with the help of Warrior 20XX workouts.

"I lost 105 lbs in weight (47 kgs or 7.5 stone) from 320 lbs to 215. From size 4XL to comfortably in size Large. From 42 inch pants to size 32 inch."

"This feels good."

Coyote Jackson, USA.

Ian has been getting into his best shape thanks to Warrior 20XX.

Samuli followed the 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp of Warrior 20XX for 30 days and here is the result. 

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Strength & performance
Build Dense Muscle & Develop World-Class Endurance

Warrior 20XX won't make you look like a bodybuilder but more like an athlete or a fighter. The most important is how you perform: Warrior 20XX workouts are designed to make you athletic, functional and strong with relentless endurance.

Members Transforming Their Bodies & Conditioning With Just 30 Minutes Per Workout.

Perfect System to Master Your Body

Every workout video and exercise tutorial is in a HD video format.

Workouts, routines and everything you need are built in the system. 

Browse and watch the videos on any device. Videos are downloadable for offline use.

artists & athletes of vahva fitness

Don't Do It Alone – Join Our Vibrant Community

artists & athletes of vahva fitness

As a member of our programs you will get access to our private Facebook group and can start sharing your progress with likeminded individuals. Progress is easy when you got support behind your back!

You can also use the group for form check analysis, motivation and networking with other members. Eero Westerberg is present in the group.

online course included

Mental Strength, Discipline & Resilience




This is an additional online course on mental strength, discipline and resilience. We will also cover many fundamental lessons on understanding and developing strength endurance.

Mental strength is vital to get the most out of Warrior 20XX workouts but it's the most important for getting the most out of life.

We will cover something that will be incredibly useful and transformative for you...

"30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp"

This bootcamp will push you mentally and physically but it will also install a military-like discipline. There is no way you will be the same person after this bootcamp if you stick to it. This is the most powerful method for a total body and mind transformation in just 30 days.

Your body, mind and everything can transform. If you are overweight, the weight will just disappear. If you are weak, you will feel what it feels to be strong.

Give this 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp a try and you will be happy you did.

1. What is Strength Endurance (9:22)

To develop endurance properly, we first need to define what is endurance and especially what is strength endurance in the context of Warrior 20XX.

In this video you will learn:

  • The different forms of endurance
  • What is strength endurance
  • Scientific definition and our definition of strength endurance
  • Why strength endurance is important and crucial for performance
  • Why strength endurance can be a great advantage in sports or training in general
  • Strength endurance training also has a profound effects on the appearance of your body.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 9:22

2. The Physiological Changes from Strength Endurance (8:50)

Strength endurance training according to Warrior 20XX in general will create much deeper and bigger physiological changes than a typical workout. Your entire physiology can change in a rather dramatic fashion and so can your appearance (muscle density and fat loss) and ability to perform.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:50

3. My Turning Point & Big Realization (10:59)

My personal turning point and realization that really changed my understanding regarding real performance, the value of strength endurance and how important strength endurance actually is.

I will also cover the benefits I have obtained and the changes I have experienced from following the Warrior 20XX workouts.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 10:59

4. How to Increase Strength Endurance (17:00)

How to properly increase and develop endurance.

In this lesson we cover:

  • The important concepts of "fatigue threshold" and "fatigue tolerance."
  • The three basic methods of intensity for endurance training.
  • How to combine the basic methods of intensity.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg

Duration: 14:28

5. 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp (11:18)

"We really want you to get comfortable at being in discomfort."

The purpose of the 30 days of discipline bootcamp is to develop mental strength and fortitude. The important part is following the schedule as it is laid out no matter what.

That's why it's called discipline.

The benefits?

Completing this 30 days of disciple bootcamp can produce drastic and fast results. Rapid fat loss, improved health and more.

Take this bootcamp seriously and follow it. After 30 days you will be glad you did. This is seriously the recipe for a rapid transformation.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 11:18

6. My Mental Strength Transformation (8:27)

My journey of developing mental strength, discipline and resilience. 

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:27

7. Why Mental Strength is Massively Important (4:28)

"On other side of discomfort is the body and life you want."

Why mental strength, discipline and resilience are crucial for life and getting the best results in HIIT workouts.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 4:28

8. The Exact Process of Developing Mental Strength (16:27)

How to develop mental strength. The process.

The biggest obstacle for most people? Their ego. This type of training requires humility because your mind will be tested and even broken at times.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 16:27

9. How. Not. To. Quit. (28:31)

This is the longest and the most important lessons in this entire course because ultimately it all comes down to this: not quitting.

In this video I cover the different tactics and strategies regarding how not to quit. What to do if you feel like quitting? This can be a truly transformative lesson if you take the lessons to your heart.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 28:31

10. The Secret Mental Strength "Shortcut" (5:09)

To develop mental strength, you need to do the work but there is one known "shortcut" or "hack" to be able to withstand more physical stress than others.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 5:09

11. How to Deal with Procrastination (12:34)

Strategies regarding how to stop procrastination and stay disciplined.

This is an important lessons because nothing you do has a noticeable effect until you do it consistently for long periods of time.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 12:34

12. Mental Strength & Body Transformation by Samuli (9:17)

Samuli, the co-founder of VAHVA Fitness, shares his words of wisdom regarding developing mental strength and demonstrates what is possible. Words of encouragement for people who are starting from a very bad place.

Teacher: Samuli Jyrkinen
Duration: 9:17

Here's Everything You Get

Unique & Effective Dumbbell Workouts. Kettlebell Workouts. Bodyweight Workouts. All Follow-Along.

PLUS: Workouts with A Sandbag, Resistance Band, Barbell, Indian Clubs and Steel Mace!

Everything you will get

  • 4 Difficulty Levels of Bodyweight Workouts with 24 Different Exercises ($900 Value)
  • 4 Difficulty Levels of Dumbbell Workouts with 24 Different Exercises ($900 Value)
  • 4 Difficulty Levels of Kettlebell Workouts with 24 Different Exercises ($900 Value)
  • Warm Up and Cool Down Video Routines ($300 Value)
  • 3 Breathing Techniques ($600 Value)
  • Workout Scheduling ($300 Value)
  • BONUS: Warrior Mentality Online Course ($5000 Value!)
  • BONUS: 5 Bonus Workout Routines: Barbell, Resistance Band, Sandbag, Indian Clubs and Steel Mace ($1200 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Mindset Training (15:01 length video) on maximizing the results ($400 Value)
  • BONUS: Facebook Community (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Friendly Support (Priceless)

total value = $10500

What you actually get is a training system that has been proven and tested by thousands of users. The system has all the tools and the support systems for you to transform your physique and ultimately your life.

Thanks to the format, you will be paying only a small portion of the value you get and a tiny amount in comparison to the benefits and results you can experience once you commit to this program.

Now, it's up to you to use these methods and knowledge to your personal benefit like many have before you. We and the community will be there with you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We want you to get results from this program. If after the first 30 days of following Warrior 20XX workouts you don't see any results, we offer you a full refund.

Support Included

We have a support system to help you get results.

  • Facebook community
  • Friendly support
  • Support documentation
Regular Plan

Get full access to Warrior 20XX Method.


One-time payment of $497 or 3 monthly payments of $167 USD.

Personalized Experience

Full program personalized by Eero Westerberg.

  • Full access to Warrior 20XX
  • Your access never expires
  • All content and bonuses included
  • 4 difficulty levels and schedules
  • Warrior Mentality online course
  • 3 months of online coaching with Eero Westerberg (Includes a personalized plan, 2 consultation/coaching calls, email support and form check analysis)


One-time payment of $1997 USD. Eero will contact you in 24-48 hours after joining with more details.


Is this for beginners? Female?

Yes! We have 4 difficulty levels available in Warrior 20XX:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Elite

In addition to this, every workout has 2 additional “championship rounds” if you need to increase the difficulty of the workout.

Both males and females are welcome. So are people of all ages and body types.

I don't have dumbbells or kettlebells! The weight?

Not an issue. Bodyweight workouts alone will give you great results you are looking for but we highly recommend getting an adjustable set of dumbbells – they are very inexpensive and easy to find. It's really a small purchase.

For most kettlebell workouts you can easily replace the kettlebells with dumbbells.

The weights we use for Warrior 20XX are typically:

- One or two heavier weights from 8 to 12 kg (16-24 lbs)
- Two light weights from 2 to 5 kg (4 to 10 lbs)

It’s also possible to replace the dumbbells with two water bottles, or use just weight plates for the light weights.

The weight varies depending on the person's level, gender and size.

How does the course work?

After purchasing, you’ll get email with your personal login details to the course. The course platform works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The platform is extremely easy to use.

The price is shown in $ USD but you will automatically pay with your own currency.

Are there bonus routines?

Warrior 20XX Method comes with lots of bonus routines featuring clubs, maces, resistance bands, barbells and even a sandbag. All workouts are designed to make you as fit and as functional as possible!

How are the workouts in Warrior 20XX?

Warrior 20XX consists of follow-along workout videos. In addition there are tutorial videos for each exercise used in the workouts. There are nearly 90 videos in Warrior 20XX alone and additional 12 video lessons in the online course.

The workouts typically last from 25 to 35 minutes including the warm up and cool down routine. In the workouts you have the option to go for 3 rounds or 5 rounds per workout.

After purchasing, you will get your login credentials to the platform which is high quality and easy to use. You will find the workouts there which are also downloadable for offline use.

What kind of results can I expect?

There is no doubt you will build strength, lose body fat and build muscle mass as long as you do the workouts consistently for a long time and your diet is good.

Warrior 20XX is the best style of training for getting a lean ripped physique.

What is the schedule of Warrior 20XX?

We give you many different schedules to follow: 3 times per week, 4 times per week, 5 times per week and a workout every other day.

Warrior 20XX can be easily integrated to your schedule and lifestyle.

Thanks to the number and versatility of the workouts, the workouts will produce results forever. Bodyweight workouts alone can last for months and produce fantastic results. In addition to this, we have the 30 Days of Discipline Bootcamp which you can choose to participate in or not.

How does the personalized plan work?

You will get everything as with the regular plan (lifetime access to the program) but also 3 months of online coaching with Eero Westerberg.

The online coaching includes an initial video call with Eero (usually 60-120 minutes long) and based on that there will be a personalized plan with everything you need. After that, there will be a follow up call and email support & form check analysis for 3 months.

This is the best plan if you are serious about your goals and need everything customized to your needs and goals. This is also the best plan if you need a coach to keep you accountable.

After purchasing, you will get an email from Eero within 24-48 hours with more details in regards to how to proceed.

What our members say about us and our programs? 

Please see this video. 41 people quickly share their opinion on the program and the results they have gotten.

Disclaimer: All of these testimonials and comments on this page are from members who have followed and executed the program. These people have committed to improving their lives and have done the necessary work. You may get better or worse results depending on your work ethic, ability to stick to the program, background and other factors.

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