Trinity 20XX Bundle

$497.00 $397.00

Get all 3 programs with a great discount!

Save $100 and get the immense benefits of all three 20XX workout systems. Learn how to combine the programs below.


Get these 3 popular programs:

Warrior 20XX costs $147, Movement 20XX $147 and Athlete 20XX $247 when purchased separately. The bundle is the most affordable and best option to start transforming your physique.

You will get lifetime access to each program!

You will get these 3 programs:

Movement 20XX:

The epitome of movement training.

Get in shape, build functional strength and learn amazing movement without needing to join a crowded gym.

Athlete 20XX:


Develop an athletic physique from zero to hero without needing to spend 1000s for a great coach.

Warrior 20XX:

High intensity follow-along workout program.

Aggressive approach to get strong, build muscle and burn body fat.

How to Do The Programs Together

All 3 programs are massive stand-alone workout programs but there are many ways to do them together:

Option 1: Focus on mastering just one program before moving onto the next. You will have lifetime access to all programs and patience will often pay dividends.

Option 2: Switch between the programs every week. This means that you will do Movement 20XX on week 1, Athlete 20XX on week 2 and Warrior 20XX on week 3.

You can also just pick 2 programs and switch between them every week. This option can be tempting but we recommend focusing on 1 program in the very beginning for a while before making changes.

Option 3: Do the second program on the rest days of program 1. For example, you can do flow workouts of Movement 20XX or high intensity workouts of Warrior 20XX on the rest days of Athlete 20XX.

In this case, just make sure you recover enough and don't overtrain. You do this by listening to your body.

If you need further help, you can contact our support or chat in the private Facebook group with the other members who are following multiple programs.

Ready to Go?

trinity bundle vahva fitness

These three 20XX programs should help you get the most versatile and complete athletic performance and physique available. 

All programs are very different which is a great thing because they focus on different areas of fitness and as a result, allow you to reach your fullest potential as a complete athlete/artist/mover.

Like with all of our programs, you will also get access to our priority support and private Facebook Group in case you need help at any point of your journey.