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Iron King Method

Build Ultimate Functional Strength, Powerful Arms & An Iron Body

Reject modernity and develop the body through ancient training methods & the wisdom of old school bodybuilders.



Build Ultimate Functional Strength

& An Iron Body

iron king method

In Iron King Method, we are going back in time. We are using thousands of years old equipment and utilizing the wisdom of old school bodybuilders from over 100 years ago.

Men and women of the past were made of iron. They had incredible functional strength, low body fat and vitality beyond modern people.

Even today, if you see old timers or people who have done manual labor for decades, they tend to be incredibly strong with strong hands. 

This "old man strength" is not built in the gym with machines – it's built with real functional training.

This is what we will develop in Iron King Method: Real functional strength and an iron body. We accomplish this by utilizing ancient tools and the wisdom of old school bodybuilders & strongmen.

These tools include:

  • Steel Mace
  • Indian Clubs
  • Round Sandbag
  • Old School Bodybuilding
  • The Rope

This equipment is inexpensive and you only need to get started with one tool. You will get addicted to the results, trust me.

If you already have physical background, you will unlock a whole new version of yourself. You will discover that you are capable of much more than you ever thought possible.

You can become the "incredible specimen" and "unnaturally strong". It's not just about genes, it's more about your training and how you develop the body.

This is exactly what happened to us over the past year when we developed these methods. In just 1 year we have made leaps and bounds in our development despite having trained over 10 years prior.

This is ancient stuff, yet in the modern world this is completely new and unique. What you will experience is something incredible.

This is what every fitness enthusiast, athlete and martial artist should be doing.

Develop Superhuman Grip Strength & Powerful Arms

samulis iron king method transformation
samuli jyrkinen forearms

"I went from tiny arms and forearms to very strong and bulking forearms and arms in just 6 months. Nowadays I receive constant compliments for my arms I never received before. 

My spine feels stronger than ever and my upper body strength is off the charts. Having strong arms and grip is a game changer for any activity because you have so much more control. My wrestling, grappling and even striking has also jumped to a whole another level thanks to Iron King Method." - Samuli Jyrkinen

Since the beginning of our species, our ancestors wielded clubs and weapons and did heavy labor with agricultural tools.

For 100,000 years, our bodies, brains and nervous systems were developed in congruence with these tools and weapons. 

Today, your hands and arms are incredibly sophisticated instruments that often are neglected. This has a big impact on your health, brain, hormones and athletic ability.

This is the number 1 reason why people lack real functionality and why their physical development is restricted.

Your functionality starts from your grip. Without a strong grip and forearms, you have no functionality.

If you look at most people who go to the gym, they may have bulking biceps but more often than not their forearms are tiny in comparison. They have small forearms and baby hands. 

If you want to gauge the functionality and capability of a man, look first into his hands. A handshake will tell you almost everything you need to know.

During the first months I felt my forearms had packed on new muscle fibers and sinewy definition every time I checked in the mirror. Not only a cosmetic change but the strength and endurance of my grip literally grew tenfold.

The mace training together with sandbag has been the power combo for my martial arts and MMA practice offering the most directly transferable functional training to this date.

There's a much more robust feeling in my body structure, my leg drive has increased significantly and nearly every other exercise feels stronger. Surprisingly even my abdominals are looking thicker and denser because of the core activation. Now, this is true functional muscle power.- Eero Westerberg

In Iron King Method, we will build the strongest, most functional and most impressive grip and forearms people have ever seen.

Our forearms blew up in just 6 months of training Iron King Method. You should also expect nice development if you utilize these methods to their maximum capacity.

Your arms and forearms are the most visible part of your body in daily life. In no time, you should start receiving compliments on your visible forearms and arms. We surely have.

eero westerberg forearm

This is Eero's forearm. This is proper forearm development because it has thickness and muscles on all sides. 

Your forearms and wrists are incredibly sophisticated parts of your body that require versatile training. Bodyweight training alone is never sufficient - you need versatile equipment like clubs and maces.

This is just the aesthetic benefit, the benefits in strength, athleticism and martial arts are even more huge...

The benefits in functional strength have been incredible so far and you can lift anything with ease and hang easily with one arm. 

This form of strength transfers spectacularly to most sports where you are using your hands & arms such as basketball, baseball and ice hockey. Particularly well this transfers to wrestling & grappling and very well even to striking sports because your fists are a lot stronger and your wrists more stable.

Discover Old School Secrets & Build The Old School Frame

The old school bodybuilders and strongmen trained in a vastly different way than the modern bodybuilders do today.

They believed in building the body "inside out" by developing the internal frame. They had numerous principles and methods that nowadays are forgotten.

Not only this, their exercise selection was unique and not restricted by the modern dogmas of what is allowed to do and what is not.

They lifted "odd objects" and did what we call "odd lifts".

eero bodybuilder

We have been studying the old school methods and principles since we first started training over 10 years ago.

For the first time ever, we are sharing the knowledge and secrets of old school bodybuilding and developing the internal frame.

Hint: Everything starts with the breath.

This is ultimate strength training and bodybuilding for natural lifters that not only produces an incredible physique but also develops real functional strength.

The old school bodybuilders had everything the modern bodybuilders lack today: health, athleticism, functionality, mobility and real confidence.

Most importantly, all of these old school guys and gals did this naturally. These pictures you see are from the early 1900s before steroids or PEDs were even invented.

This training is not only for aesthetics. It's for your vitality, health and ultimately for your self-confidence.

Embark on this journey and discover your natural potential and reach for the highest ideal.

Meet Your Teacher

eero westerberg iron king method

Eero Westerberg

Head Coach of VAHVA FItness

Eero is a world-renowned movement master, body restoration specialist and physical educator. He has a firm grasp of human movement thanks to traveling the world for over 4 years learning from various masters and teachers while experimenting extensively with himself and his students. His students include UFC Champions and professional athletes.

Eero has over 10 years of experience in functional training and old school bodybuilding and has worked over 8 years as a teacher. He also has a black belt in Qigong.

"Eero’s methodology really resonated with me. He walks the walk and while personally raising the bar inspirationally, his programs are tailored to be challenging no matter what your level or ability."

Alasdair MacLeod



 Utilize Ancient Tools & Old School Methods

The goal of Iron King Method is to develop superior and ultimate grip strength and full body functional strength. You will quickly notice that all of these training styles will develop your grip & forearms incredibly well.

Remember, grip first!

Iron King Method is massive and has complete training for all of these methods.

You don't have to do all of these training styles at first. You can pick just 1 with minimal investment! That's exactly what we did.

Don't like "clubs" or weights? Learn to love them – these are the best ways to develop ultimate functional strength. Focus on the end result.

5 Different Ways of Training

eero westerberg indian clubs iron king method

Indian Clubs aka "Mugdar"

Originating from ancient India, these clubs have been used as training equipment for 2000 years.

One of the greatest wrestlers from India called Great Gama used mainly Indian Clubs and Gada for his strength training.

  • Superior upper body strength
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Amazing grip strength and arm development

Steel Mace aka "The Gada"

Another tool that originates from India. This also resembles many weapons (maces) of ancient times. Gada is originally the main weapon of the Hindu god Hanuman.

  • Amazing grip strength and arm development
  • Superior upper body strength
  • Shoulder mobility

Old School Bodybuilding - Barbell & Dumbbells

Utilizing the exercises (odd lifts) and the methods of the old school bodybuilders and strongmen. Build the internal frame and develop the body inside out.

  • Improve and increase your vitality and hormones through breath and ribcage expansion
  • Develop a strong frame and structure
  • The highest level full body strength

Round Sandbag

Round sandbag aka "strongman sandbag" is an incredible tool to develop your body because it's awkward to grip (it has no handles) and hangs loosely on your arms.

  • Incredible grip strength
  • Develop squeezing and grabbing strength
  • Amazing core strength especially in the spine
  • Top level lower body strength
Iron King Method

The Rope

The rope is probably the oldest training tool that has ever been used. It has always been popular among gymnasts and in the military for obvious benefits and practical uses.

  • Superb grip strength
  • Amazing pulling strength
  • Thick biceps and forearms

12 Different Workout Routines

All Advice, Methods, Exercise Tutorials and Workout Routines Included.

Iron King Method comes with 12 workout routines and countless exercises & lessons – you will have everything you need to master these tools and reap the results.

Start With One Equipment & Expand As You Go

You can get started with just 1 tool with minimal investment – that's what we did. We started with the steel mace and worked on it for months, later expanded to Indian Clubs and in the past year started training with the ground sandbag.

Apart from the barbells and free weights (we recommend going to a gym for old school bodybuilding workouts), the maces, clubs and sandbags are very cheap.

You can get started with a minimal investment (in most countries max $50 USD).

How and where to get the equipment is 100% covered in Iron King Method. We will help you every step of the way. All your questions will be answered inside Iron King Method.

Carry the Training Everywhere You Go

  • Works on computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Suitable for all difficulty levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • All ages, genders and body types are welcome.
  • Everything has been made easy for your convenience.
artists & athletes of vahva fitness

Don't Do It Alone – Join Our Vibrant Community

artists & athletes of vahva fitness

As a member of our programs you will get access to our private Facebook group and can start sharing your progress with likeminded individuals. Progress is easy when you got support behind your back!

Iron King Method



Iron King Method is a complete method with everything you need. Tutorials, theory lessons, methodology, programming, workouts and additional advice are all inside.

Iron King Method is a clear path to ultimate functional strength and radiating arms.

Here's What's Inside:

Old School Bodybuilding: Breathing & Frame (13 Lessons)

In this section we go through the deepest knowledge of old school bodybuilding: how to build the internal frame through various exercises and focused breathing techniques. Learn the principles and methods of old school bodybuilders.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
12 lessons, 124 minutes in total.

Old School Bodybuilding: Old School Exercises (10 Lessons)

We cover the best old school exercises for building the frame and developing real old school strength.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
7 lessons, 75 minutes in total.

Indian Club: Fundamentals (9 Lessons)

The fundamental principles and exercises of Indian Clubs and how to train & handle this equipment. 

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
9 lessons, 62 minutes in total.

Indian Club: Strength (5 Lessons)

How to use the Indian Club for traditional strength training: use the equipment to develop your arms, grip and shoulders.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
5 lessons, 31 minutes in total.

Indian Club: Flowing Club (6 Lessons)

How to perform the flowing movements with the Indian Club. These are beautiful and coordinated swings but they also develop strength and grip incredibly well.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
6 lessons, 46 minutes in total.

Steel Mace: Mastery (9 Lessons)

The fundamental principles, exercises and flow movements of the steel mace or the Gada. 

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
8 lessons, 69 minutes in total.

Steel Mace: Strength (10 Lessons)

How to utilize the steel mace for traditional strength training. Develop your arms, grip, shoulders, back and core.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
10 lessons, 88 minutes.

Round Sandbag (14 Lessons)

Here you will learn the fundamentals and principles of handling the round sandbag: the 5 grips, core stability, lifesting styles and of course the best exercises to develop your upper and lower body.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
14 lessons, 74 minutes in total.

The Rope (7 Lessons)

How to master the rope climb with beginner and advanced exercises. You will also learn how to utilize the rope to develop your grip and upper body.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
7 lessons, 50 minutes in total.

Workout Routines (12 Workouts)

Ready made workout routines for you. Multiple workout routines for each equipment including beginner and advanced workouts. These workouts are well thought out and easy to follow. These include the 2 additional bonus workout routines from Warrior 20XX Method.

Equipment (2 Lessons)

Lots of advice and links for choosing the right weight of the equipment, where to get the equipment and everything else you need to know!

BONUS: 2 Additional bonus workouts from Warrior 20XX Method

Iron King Method comes with two additional bonus workout routines from Warrior 20XX Method. This is our high intensity workout method known for its effectiveness to burn body fat and build muscle.

background warrior 20xx

Here's Everything You Get

What you will get

  • Old School Bodybuilding: Breathing & Frame ($1500 Value)
  • Old School Bodybuilding: Exercises ($1000 Value)
  • Steel Mace: Mastery ($1000 Value)
  • Steel Mace: Strength ($1000 Value)
  • Indian Club: Fundamentals ($500 Value)
  • Indian Club: Strength ($500 Value)
  • Indian Club: Flowing Club ($500 Value)
  • Round Sandbag: Fundamentals & Exercises ($1500 Value)
  • The Rope: Fundamentals & Exercises ($1000 Value)
  • 10 Workout Routines ($1000 Value)
  • BONUS: Where to Get the Equipment
  • BONUS: 2 Workout Routines from Warrior 20XX Method ($500 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Mindset Training (15:01 length video) on maximizing the results ($400 Value) 
  • BONUS: Facebook Community (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Friendly support (Priceless)

total value = $10400

Now, it's your turn to start learning the information and start building ultimate functional strength & powerful arms. Good luck!

Support Included

We have a support system to help you along the way.

  • Facebook community
  • Friendly support
  • Support documentation
Regular Plan

Get Full Access to Iron King Method.


One-time payment of $997 or 3 monthly payments of $337 USD.

Personalized Plan

Full program personalized by Eero Westerberg.

  • Full access to Iron King Method
  • Your access never expires
  • All content and bonuses included
  • 12 workout routines
  • Every lesson and tutorial in video format
  • 3 months of online coaching with Eero Westerberg (Includes a personalized plan, 3 consultation/coaching calls, email support and form check analysis)


One-time payment of $2497 USD. Eero will contact you in 24-48 hours after joining with more details.


How much space do I need?

You can easily practice at your home in a regular room as long as you are aware of your surroundings. That's what we have done. Space is definitely not an issue.

Where do I get the equipment? The cost?

We provide lots of links and stores for different regions where you can purchase the equipment. Most regions and countries have them readily available.

USA/Canada = Everything easily available.
Europe = Everything easily available.
Asia = Everything easily available.
Australia = Everything easily available.
Middle-East = Everything easily available.

The equipment is rather light (usually 3-8 kg or 6-16 lbs) and that's why rather cheap.

You can get started by investing max extra $50-100 USD, in most cases less. This equipment will last forever and you will get many benefits from it.

The weight and everything else we will cover inside the program.

How does the program or the plans work? 

After purchasing, you’ll get email with your personal login details to the course. The course platform works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The platform is extremely easy to use.

With the current plans, you will have lifetime access (your access doesn't expire). 

You can purchase the course via PayPal or credit card. After purchasing, you can login here.

The price is shown in $ USD but you will automatically pay with your own currency.


You will find all the advice and instructions inside the program. Everything you need is inside and in easily digestible format. The platform and our programs are well-praised and well designed.

How do I follow Iron King Method?

Iron King Method basically comes with online courses, lessons and exercises for each piece of equipment. 

Then we have specific workout routines for each piece of equipment that are easy to follow.

We recommend focusing on 1-2 pieces of equipment at first and then expanding as you progress. That's what we did.

What kind of results can I expect?

Our grip, arms and upper body strength experienced massive and drastic changes in just 6 months of training although we started to see results after months of starting.

The round sandbag and old school exercises turned our spines into unbreakable steel and built a very strong structure.

Overall, our functional strength in the gym, sports and martial arts has NEVER been better and at this level. Having a strong grip and forearms specifically is a real game changer for any activity.

Everyone is an individual but if you train hard and consistently, Iron King Method can produce incredible benefits. 

I have pain and injuries, can I do the program?

Depending on the injury, the Indian Club and Mace exercises can help with shoulder and elbow pain. 

The old school bodybuilding exercises and round sandbag exercises can fix your spine and back problems.

Every case is individual so that's all we can say.

What people say about us and our programs? 

Please see this video. 41 people quickly share their opinions on our programs and the results they have gotten.

Disclaimer: The testimonials above are from members who have followed and executed the programs. These people have committed to improving their lives and have done the necessary work. You may get better or worse results depending on your work ethic, ability to stick to the program, background and other factors.

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