A FREE Lesson from Iron King Method!

An Introduction to The Internal Frame & Ribcage Expansion


This is an introductory lesson from Iron King Method.

In this FREE lesson you will learn:

  • The history of ribcage expansion
  • Energy and the frame
  • Anatomy of the old school frame
  • Effects & benefits of developing the internal frame

This is an over 100 years old practice which the old school bodybuilders figured out over decades of dedicated training. Ultimately you are creating a superbly strong frame, immensely mobile upper body & spine and maximal breathing capacity.

All of this in combination will lead to a very strong, vital and functional physique.

This method offers a healthy way to maximise your potential without needing to destroy your body internally as the modern bodybuilders do.

This way of training has amazing benefits even if you don’t care about big muscles. You are ultimately just building a strong frame, high breathing capacity and a healthy & vibrant body.

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