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Power Moves & Superpowers Within Your Reach.

Learn stunning bodyweight movements and start your journey towards discovering what your body is capable of.

(For all backgrounds, body types, ages and genders without needing to be a former gymnast or acrobat)

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Astonishing Body Control
Develop impressive levels of body control and spider-sense-like spatial awareness through mastering different bodyweight skills.

Learn how to move your body in space and control the body in nearly miraculous ways.
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Crazy Core & Full Body Strength
Build your core and full body strength through bodyweight skill training. Grow pliable and strong muscles.

Develop great levels of core strength and core stability. Most skills rely on having a strong core and shoulders!
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Athlete-Level Coordination
Learn to coordinate your body and develop your central nervous system to handle complex tasks.

Through practice your body and central nervous system will turn you into a skill learning machine and you will be able to add new skills to your arsenal with ease.
Functionality will lead to muscle mass and every time you move, you are burning lots of calories! Burn your extra fat away and build an athletic physique while having fun and discovering new bodyweight skills.

Thanks to the special methods of Skill Master, you will be able to integrate physical training and skill training to your daily life and do it with ease. There are no hard workouts, only daily practice!

No equipment needed. There is really no excuse to go after your dreams and goals whether it's in regards to developing your body or discovering what your body is capable of.

Here is what makes Skill Master additionally special...

Master the Process
Master the Skill

When I first started with skill training, I was very excited to discover how to move the body and what I could master if I just put my mind to it.

On this beautiful journey, I found a way to impress myself and eventually other people around me.

For some time, this was an incredible journey.

But then out of sudden, I got stuck with numerous skills. I developed injuries that prevented me from training. Eventually, I quit practicing skills altogether.

This left me frustrated and even depressed at times. Something I really enjoyed was taken away from me.

The problem wasn’t that skill training couldn’t be sustainable, the problem was that I didn’t have the correct methods and I was focusing on the wrong skills.

You see, not every single skill is attainable by everyone. Some demand a very specific body structure with short height, bulky upper body and light legs.

Some require you to start young and practice for 20 years before you have any shot learning the skill and even then it’s not promised if you don’t have the correct body type.

I started my skill training journey in my early 20s. I didn’t have a former gymnast, acrobat or dancer background as some people do.

I’m also 180 cm (5’11”), weigh 80 kg (176 lbs) and my proportions are even. In this regard, I don't have any advantages when it comes to learning bodyweight skills.

What I will do with Skill Master, is that I will teach you the most creative and coolest tricks anyone can learn without needing to be a former gymnast or acrobat.

All of these skills I have learned in my 20s, many in my 30s so you can also learn them whether you are 20 or 50.

You will learn how to control your body in almost miraculous ways but also in very unique ways.

Moreover, I will also teach you the process behind learning new skills - the secret sauce and methods no one is talking about.

I will teach you how to avoid the pitfalls I fell into and how to make sustainable progress with skill training without destroying the joints.

Not only that, I will be stacking this program with a massive amount of value and even providing my renowned mobility class and mobility routine as a free bonus.

The best part? I have made it easily accessible for everyone.

I want everybody to get started and discover the same joy I’ve had learning new skills and exploring my body’s movement capabilities.


This is Skill Master.

Meet your Teacher

Skill Master Eero Westerberg

Eero Westerberg

Head Coach of VAHVA FItness

Eero is a world-renowned movement master, body restoration specialist and physical educator. He has a firm grasp of human movement thanks to traveling the world for over 4 years learning from various masters and teachers while experimenting extensively with himself and his students.

Eero has over 10 years of experience in movement training and has worked over 6 years as a teacher. He recently earned his first black belt in Qigong.

"Eero's focus on quality instead of quantity makes the difference. And of course his authenticity. There is no showing off. It is all about training. And this is what really convinced me."

Anna-Maria Gerhart ‧ Personal Trainer

These Are The Skills You Will Master

  • Progressions and thorough tutorials from beginner to advanced
  • Supplementary drills and exercises to develop strength, mobility and control
  • Advice and tips regarding how to make good progress and how to do it safely


Fundamentals first - there's A LOT you can do with the headstand. Skills such as the elbow lever also combine well with this skill.

Elbow Lever

Master the elbow lever and numerous variations of it. Preparation exercises included!

7 Skill Sequences

7 floor skill sequences where you combine different skills into skill flows. This is where you will learn to deliver jaw dropping performances.

Horizon Flip

Horizon flip is a jump where you flip your legs in air. Powerful, unique and very fun to perform.

Handstand Prep

You will learn the preparatory steps, positions and exercises to develop a beautiful looking handstand. 

Backward Roll & Neck Preparation

Full mobility & preparatory
drills for your neck! We will
also master the backward roll.

Au Queda De Rins

Possibly the most important
skill and movement of

Pressing Strength

Brilliant pressing strength work to develop the strongest bodyweight pressing strength imaginable.

Helix Spin

Looks incredible and it is not as hard as you may think although it is the most advanced movement in the base skills.

Lever Applications

The countless movements and transitions you can do by utilizing the elbow lever. Very impressive movements.

Cartwheel Mastery

Total cartwheel mastery from the beginner variations to the advanced one arm variations. Nice bonus called cartwheel jump included...

Monkey Split

Monkey split is a beautiful jump which Eero calls the monkey split. A great skill to implement in any flow.

Handstand Mastery

How to do the different variations of the handstand. Master the complete handstand.

Backward Roll Applications

Different applications you can
do from the backward roll

Head Jump

How to do head jump flips
with and without hands.

Advanced Pressing

Preliminary advanced pressing strength exercises for the full handstand push up.

Flying Daggers

Very cool martial arts themed movement where you are circling your arms in beautiful trajectories. Your shoulders will get strong and mobile.

HS Applications

Learn headstand applications you cannot find anywhere else. Amazing strength and mobility work.

Beast Spin

One of Eero's favorite movements - unique and very versatile movement you can do on the ground. Spin in the most beautiful way.


An advanced & challenging skill but incredibly looking skill which can be done with one or two arms at the time.

Hand Spin

Possibly the most stunning skill of the program: you're literally doing a pirouette on your hands!

Head Circles & Hollowback

How to perform the stunning
"hollowback" headstand. You
will also learn "head circles"

Cartwheel Turn

Advanced applications you can do from the very basic skill called the cartwheel.

Handstand Push Up

Handstand push up progressions and variations from easy to difficult.

Combine The Skills Into Skill Routines!

the best elbow lever tutorial ever

In addition to learning the skills (progressions, preparatory drills and more), we will teach you 7 incredible looking and awe-inspiring skill routines where different skills have been combined together.

You will learn skill routines such as:

  • Rock N Roll Sequence
  • Down Under Sequence
  • Surge Sequence
  • Monster Spin Sequence
  • The Wushu Master
  • The Teleport Flow
  • The Whirlwind Flow

We are not holding back! You will learn moves from the beginner skills all the way to the most advanced skills and variations.

Carry the Lessons Everywhere You Go

  • Works on computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Suitable for all difficulty levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • All ages, genders and body types are welcome.
  • Everything has been made easy for your convenience. This is a perfect program to do at home, in the gym or while traveling.
artists & athletes of vahva fitness

Don't Do It Alone – Join Our Vibrant Community

artists & athletes of vahva fitness

As a member of our programs you will get access to our private Facebook group and can start sharing your progress with likeminded individuals. Progress is easy when you got support behind your back!

Online Course included

Skill Mastery 101

Learn the Hidden Process Behind Skill Mastery and Master The Art of Bodyweight Skill Training.


Inside Skill Mastery 101, I will teach you the hidden process to learn new bodyweight skills while avoiding all the pitfalls and obstacles that may stand in front of your progress.

  • The Fundamentals of Skill Training (the 4 phases)
  • Skill Vs. Strength Training (this may change your view on physical fitness forever)
  • How to Deconstruct Any Skill (5 important elements)
  • What's Hindering and Blocking your Progress (revealing the 2 things you must do to make progress)
  • My personal journey and how I learned the skills I have accumulated 

1. The Fundamentals of Skill Training (19:24)

Let's talk about the fundamentals of skill training and how to develop any skill.

In this video you will also learn the 4 different phases you will go through when learning a skill.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 19:24

2. Skill Vs. Strength Training (19:33)

In physical fitness and movement, a lot of problems come from the teachers and practitioners' lack of understanding between proper strength training versus skill training.

In calisthenics and movement, a lot of people do skill training and think they are doing strength training. A vast majority of people in many circles have no idea what proper strength training even is.

Understanding this difference can be a huge breakthrough in your physical journey.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 19:33

3. Pure Movers Vs. Purist Movers (11:34)

Describing the difference between the pure movers and the purist movers.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 11:34

4. The Effects of Skill Training (8:12)

An objective and rational view to the benefits of skill training. What is skill training good for and what it is not.

Skill training benefits include:

  • Physical benefits when it comes to muscular development, coordination, body control, spatial awareness and more.
  • Discovering your potential
  • Expressing yourself and exploring your boundaries
  • Usefulness and practicality
  • Increasing your movement vocabulary
  • Impressing yourself and others

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:12

5. Deconstructing a Skill (9:42)

How to deconstruct the skill to different parts and elements so it's easier to learn and easier to develop further. The 5 elements of deconstructing a skill.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 9:42

6.  Frequency & Recovery (6:06)

Frequency and recovery in skill training.

What is the optimal way to train to make progress?

How often should you train?

How much recovery time should you have?

The importance of rest when it comes to CNS recovery and your muscles as well. How to make dramatic improvements when learning new skills.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 6:06

7. How to Avoid Injuries (7:49)

How to do skill training without the risk of injury and hurting your joints. Skill training properly should not create chronic pain, yet a lot of people who do skill training are constantly injured.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 7:49

8. What's Hindering & Blocking Your Progress (14:00)

Usually, when you start a new skill you will be making really good progress very fast but then after some time you will just get "stuck" and pretty much stop making progress or you only make marginal progress from that point on.

This can feel hopeless since no matter how much you train, nothing is improving.

In this lesson, we address this and how to break through it and make progress again.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 14:00

9. How I Developed My Skills (12:01)

My personal journey when it came to learning the skills that I posses. My background, history and a lot more.

My biggest turning point in skill training and the solution I found to many problems I was experiencing.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 12:01

BONUS: A Day of Mobility Class with Suvi Tuulia & Mobility Routine

We used to run this exclusive mobility class in the past and it got over 1000 five star reviews. We could charge for it but you get it for free as a part of Skill Master. Enjoy!

Here's Everything You Get

What you will get

  • Progressions and Instructions to over 20 Skills - 116 videos: tutorials, mobility & preparative drills and a lot more included! ($9000 Value)
  • 7 Different Skill Routines where different movements have been combined together ($2000 Value)
  • Skill Mastery 101 Online Course with 9 videos and 1h 40 minutes of content ($2000 Value)
  • BONUS: Mobility Class (45 minutes) and a Mobility Routine with 6 exercises ($500 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Mindset Training (15:01 length video) on maximizing the results ($400 Value) 
  • BONUS: Facebook Community (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Friendly support (Priceless)

total value = $13900

Thanks to the format, you will be paying only a small portion compared to everything you will get in Skill Master.

Now, it's your turn to start learning the information and start mastering new bodyweight skills. Good luck!

Satisfaction Guarantee

If within 30 days of joining you don't see progress with Skill Master, we offer you a refund. 

Support Included

We have a support system to help you along the way.

  • Facebook community
  • Friendly support
  • Support documentation
One-Time Payment

Get complete access to Skill Master


1-time payment of $297 USD for lifetime access.

3-Month Plan

Join Skill Master with an affordable 3-month plan

  • Full access to Skill Master
  • All skills, routines, preparatory drills and bonuses included
  • Mobility Class & Mobility Routine
  • Skill Mastery 101 online course

3 x $99

3 monthly payments of $99 USD for lifetime access.


How much space do I need?

As long as you have enough space to do a basic push up, you should be able to practice the skills in Skill Master. Home, gym or outside on grass are all great train.

We may release skills that require more space in the future but right now in and in the near future almost all skills are stationary or require very little to no space.

Do I need any equipment?

You will need zero equipment for Skill Master. Just a floor is enough! 

For some movements (like the headstand), you may want to use a towel or yoga mat in the beginning though.

How does the program or the plans work? 

After purchasing, you’ll get email with your personal login details to the course. The course platform works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The platform is extremely easy to use.

After payment you will get instant access to all of the material.

You can purchase the course via PayPal or credit card. After purchasing, you can login here.

The price is shown in $ USD but you will automatically pay with your own currency.


You will find all the advice and instructions inside the program. Everything you need is inside and in easily digestible format. The platform and our programs are well-praised and well designed.

Is Skill Master beginner friendly?

Yes, in Skill Master we always have something in store for both beginners and advanced.

Moreover, you will always choose the right progression for your level and work on it until you progress to the next one.

The skills have been selected so that they don't discriminate between the common body types and don't require a gymnastics background to learn.

It's very unlikely your age or background will be an obstacle unless you are in a wheelchair for example. Gender does not matter.

How is Skill Master different from Movement 20XX?

Skill Master consists of bigger skills called "powermoves" that take more time to learn: sometimes weeks, months or even years to master.

There is a lot of skill training in Movement 20XX but they are mainly flow movements and animal movements - movements you can learn very fast but take a long time to master.

The nature of programs is also different. The purpose of Movement 20XX is to primarily develop the body through different movements and exercises.

Movement 20XX is a program to make the body strong, mobile, flexible and limber through movement training and mobility training.

Skill Master is a program to learn the coolest skills possible but you will develop coordination, body control and strength as a side product.

If anything, both program support each other phenomenally well and are very different. If you want to build the best body possible, get both.

I have pain and injuries, can I do the program?

If you have bad injuries, I would recommend joining Movement 20XX or Athlete 20XX programs to fix the issue and then moving to Skill Master.

If you have minor issues, then you can probably work around it. Just avoid the skills that cause pain and focus on the skills that you can do pain-free.

Although you can work around a lot of injuries, skill training won't fix or solve injuries. Proper strength training as done in 20XX programs will do that.

What people say about us and our programs? 

Please see this video. 41 people quickly share their opinions on our programs and the results they have gotten.

Disclaimer: The testimonials above are from members who have followed and executed the programs. These people have committed to improving their lives and have done the necessary work. You may get better or worse results depending on your work ethic, ability to stick to the program, background and other factors.

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