The Proper Mindset & Approach to Get the Best Results

Maximizing your results with these programs and courses comes ultimately down to these things:

  • Your commitment and discipline – follow the programs to the best of your ability as they are laid out.
  • Your effort – give your best effort in every workout and don't do anything carelessly.
  • Your vision – have a vision of yourself of what you want to achieve, keep it on your mind and use it as fuel and motivation to reach your goal.

Expectations regarding progress:

  • 30 days – depending on the program, this time is enough to see improvements in your flexibility/mobility/strength/coordination. With Warrior 20XX, you should see nice changes in your body composition in just 30 days though.
  • 90 days - building muscle takes biologically the longest. After 90 days the changes in your body may start to become noticeable and you should notice great improvements in your flexibility/mobility/strength/coordination.
  • 180+ days - this is where the real gains start to show as long as you have been consistent the whole time.

Things that can help: 

  • Be part of the community and use the group for accountability, motivation and support.
  • Go for it 100% – there is no reason to hold back. The programs are battle-tested by thousands of users and by us over several years.
  • Don't lose motivation, the results often come when you least expect them. The results come on your body's time, not when you wish them to come.
  • Focus on improvement and training the best you can. Nature will take care of the rest.
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