Movement 20XX Method

$50.00 / month for 10 months

The epitome of movement training.

Get in shape, build functional strength and learn amazing movement without needing to join a crowded gym.

Beginner, advanced, young, old, male or female – Movement 20XX™ has thousands of users from all walks of life transforming their bodies.

Movement 20XX is not just a training course/program, it’s a movement to expand the awareness of the fitness landscape. There has never been a program that integrates so many different ways of training into a system that works. Until now.

Complete Your Evolution

Return to the roots of physicality and reclaim your birthright. Everyone has the potential to move in a graceful way and be healthy, strong and functional.

The primal movements of Movement 20XX are the perfect way to get strong, limber and well-coordinated. You will also get access to some of the best strength, mobility and flexibility exercises.

Get Fit, Strong, Mobile and Well-coordinated

Move in the Natural Movement Patterns

Build athletic strength, mobility, flexibility, agility and coordination with various animal movements of Movement 20XX.

Become a Calisthenics King or a Queen

Use the best calisthenics and gymnastics exercises to develop a powerful and defined physique.

Dance, Move and FLOW

Express yourself fully with the flow movements of Movement 20XX that vary from dance, martial arts and gymnastics to natural movement patterns.

Get Flexible, Mobile and Healthy

Increase flexibility and mobility everywhere in the body. Improve your joint health, alleviate pains and increase your longevity. 

Benefits of Movement 20XX

  • Build functional strength
  • Learn impressive movements
  • Build mobility and flexibility
  • Develop coordination and body control
  • Improve structural balance and posture
  • Lose fat and get in shape

What makes Movement 20XX special and stand out from all the others programs is the fact that different training methods and styles have been combined into a complete system.

Movement 20XX is not just one type of training. The program consists of 2 types of workouts:

  • Movement training (53 flow movements and 11 flow routines)
  • Strength and mobility training (30 strength progressions paired with 30 mobility drills)

Movement 20XX is designed for both absolute beginners and more advanced practitioners. All exercises and mobility drills are progressive which means that they start from the very basics and gradually get harder at your own pace.

Perfect System to Transform Your Body

  • Works on all computers, tablets and phones.
  • Suitable for all difficulty levels: absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Workouts become gradually more difficult at your own pace.

Movement 20XX is a full workout system with HD videos, effective workouts, weekly schedules, complete routines and a brilliant structure.

With Movement 20XX you will get access to almost 100 high definition videos and everything else you need to make results. Start learning movement and transform your body in the process!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are here to help and provide a great service that produces people results. If within 30 days of purchase you aren't happy with our program, we offer you a full refund. 


  • Strength and mobility workouts with 30 strength exercises and 30 mobility drills ($147 Value)
  • Flow movement workouts with 53 flow elements and 11 flow routines ($147 Value)
  • 6 active flexibility drills and 4 static strength skills ($97 Value)
  • High quality workout methods ($67 Value)
  • 6 months of workout routines with a built-in weekly schedule ($47 Value)
  • BONUS: Muscle up guide for free ($20 Value)
  • Priority support in case you need help (PRICELESS)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $525


Movement 20XX exceeded all of my expectations! The content is clean and well delivered, the programming is sound, and above all fun and inspiring. - Sebastian

I love the primal animal-like flow and how it compliments my yoga practice with strength and stability. It is super fun and an effective method of exercise, body awareness, concentration and coordination. - Karen Dubi

At 44 years old I have never felt so good, looked so young in 20 years, and even in my 20's I was not this flexible and fit. - Matthew Cutillo


Features Trailer

Movement 20XX is a complete package with everything you need and comes in a video format!

Flow Movements

Movement 20XX has over 50 flow movements with tutorial videos. In addition to this, there are 11 flow routines where different movements have been strung together.

There are different flow routines for different purposes: some are for strength and muscle gain, some for mobility while some are purely for coordination, agility or fat loss.

Become an Artist

Getting strong, muscular and mobile is great but everyone can also become an artist. 

Movement 20XX has all the tools for you to express yourself even when you are starting from zero. 

Play and Have Fun!

Be courageous and strong. Movement training is the most fun and effective way to take good care of your health while building an impressive body.

Working out and training doesn't need to be boring. Make it play and you don't want to stop!


How much space do you need?

Not much, a small room is enough. As long as you have enough space to do a basic push up, you should be able to practice majority of the elements of Movement 20XX. Home, gym or grass are all great places to start.

Do you need any equipment?

Majority of the exercises and flow elements can be done without any equipment, but for pulling progressions you need a pull up bar, TRX or gymnastic rings. Movement 20XX is a bodyweight training program.

Is Movement 20XX safe for me? Is it for beginners?

It’s safe as long as you start cautiously and don’t try the hardest progressions too soon. If you have problems with your joints, be extra careful. Many strength and mobility exercises of Movement 20XX may help with joint problems!

All exercises are progressive and start from the very basics and gradually get harder at your own pace.

How muscular can I become? Does bodyweight training work?

It depends on multiple different factors, but with a good diet, Movement 20XX will build muscle and strength as well as any top level strength training program. If you are a woman, you won’t get bulky!

Bodyweight training done right will work as well as weight training as long as it’s progressive bodyweight training. That’s how Movement 20XX is designed – the exercises will get progressively harder and more complex overtime.

How does the course work?

You’ll get your personal login details to the course website that will work on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The platform is extremely easy to use.

You can purchase the course via PayPal or credit card. We use the industry leaders PayPal and Stripe for secure payment processing. After purchasing, you can login here.

How are the workouts structured?

There are two types of workouts: 1. main workouts (strength & mobility) and 2. flow workouts (flow elements and flow routines). You can choose to workout 2-5+ times per week. Each workout typically lasts 20-40 minutes and all the routines, workouts and advice are included in the program.

Can I pay with €, £ or other currency?

Yes you can. Although the payment price will appear in $ USD, the system will automatically pay with your own currency.

We use industry leaders Stripe and PayPal for payment processing. We also have additional SSL security to protect your information.

You can use both credit card and PayPal to purchase the lifetime access.

Is this a one-time payment for lifetime access?

Yes, you will be billed only once for the lifetime access of the program which means your access will never expire 🙂

Reviews (10)

Eero Westerberg

This is how I got strong, mobile and gained around 10 kg (22 pounds) of muscle!

I started out as an average guy in my early 20s with no prior athletic background. With right methods and right exercises transforming how you move, look and feel is certainly possible.

Movement 20XX has the exercises and movements I personally used to transform my body from a skinny guy to what you see today.  Movement 20XX also contains the mobility exercises I have used to improve my mobility while fixing many back, hip and shoulder problems!

I am committed to helping you to reach your goals! 

Samuli Jyrkinen

Movement 20XX got me in a GREAT shape!

My journey started by first losing around 22 kg (50 lbs) of fat by doing the calisthenics exercises of Movement 20XX and plenty of bicycling. 

Later I gained around 10 kg (22 lbs) of muscle while maintaining low body fat. Soon I was able to do heavy chin ups with extra 50 kg (110 lbs) of weight and impressive bodyweight skills like muscle ups and levers!

I did all of this at home without joining a gym. Bodyweight training works amazingly well as long as you do the right exercises correctly.

Movement 20XX has the exercises, movements and workouts to get you in shape so it's really up to you to make it happen. No excuses left, just do the work!

sebastian's movement 20xx review movement20xx testimonial

"Movement 20XX exceeded all of my expectations! The content is clean and well delivered, the programming is sound, and above all fun and inspiring."

- Sebastian, 29, USA.

Read the full testimonial.

"For me, Eero has inspired me with his flowing animal and challenging athletic moves and combinations for several months now. His focus on quality instead of quantity makes the difference. And of course his authenticity. There is no showing off. It is all about training. And this is what really convinced me. "

- Anna-Maria Gerhart, 39, Germany. 

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"At 44 years old I have never felt so good, looked so young in 20 years, and even in my 20's I was not this flexible and fit."

- Matthew Cutillo, 44, NYC - USA.

Read the full testimonial.

"I love the primal animal-like flow and how it compliments my yoga practice with strength and stability. It is super fun and an effective method of exercise, body awareness, concentration and coordination."

- Karen Dubi, USA. 

Read the full testimonial.

"Movement 20XX and Vahva Fitness helped me to gain muscle and lose a significant amount of weight"

- Joonas Mäkinen, Finland. 

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"I love how I can choose a different flow every day and it never gets dull or boring. And, I feel like I'm getting smarter along with stronger as I learn to move my body in fun, exciting and challenging new ways. "

- Regina Zwilling, USA.

Read the full testimonial.

"I have noticed tremendous changes in my body, especially upper body, more specifically in my arms. I have never had so much visible muscle in my life! I can finally do pushups and it feels so easy. It is unbelievable how in such a short period of time a body can go through such changes. I have also lost some weight, which was my purpose anyway but it is actually a side effect of doing the program."

- Edina, Hungary. 

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"Fantastic! I watched numerous of his videos and saw how genuine and inspired he was and best of all that he was offering a very basic, elementary approach, one step at a time, starting from the ground up. This I could find nowhere else and so was invaluable to me. My body never feels more finely tuned than when I’ve completed a movement practice. It’s just that good."

- Richard Mahoney, 77 years old.

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