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movement 20xx

Use Movement 20XX Method to get in shape, become limber and learn amazing movement without needing to join a crowded gym.

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Build a Fit & Strong Physique

"At 44 years old I have never felt so good, looked so young in 20 years, and even in my 20's I was not this flexible and fit!"- Matthew Cutillo

Follow bodyweight workouts based on calisthenics and gymnastics to build your strongest physique to date.
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Become Mobile & Limber

"I love the primal animal-like flow and how it compliments my yoga practice with strength and stability. It is super fun and an effective method of exercise, body awareness, concentration and coordination. " - Karen Dubi

Increase your full body flexibility and mobility by utilizing our unique Animal Movement Strength Training Method.
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Get Well-Coordinated & Learn to Flow

"I love how I can choose a different flow every day and it never gets dull or boring. And, I feel like I'm getting smarter along with stronger as I learn to move my body in fun, exciting and challenging new ways." - Regina Zwilling

Utilize our unique and artistic flow routines to discover and develop your body's inherent movement capabilities.

Complete Your Evolution

Our bodies and brains evolved and were shaped through natural movement patterns. Imagine the Palaeolithic Man: he was enormously strong and powerful without doing any exercise thanks to performing natural movements alone.

Babies and small kids are still tuned to their primal nature but as adults we tend to lose touch with our origins and as a result get stiff and weak. Our modern lifestyle harms our health and develops pains and aches.

To regain our health, vitality and natural strength, you only have to return back in time and do what our ancestors did in the beginning: move in the natural movement patterns!

In Movement 20XX, we return to the roots of physicality and reclaim our birthright. Almost everyone has the potential to move in a graceful way and be healthy, strong and functional. This really is well within our reach. You only need to know the way.

Meet your Teacher

eero westerberg movement 20xx

Eero Westerberg

Head Coach of VAHVA FItness

Eero is a world-renowned movement master, body restoration specialist and physical educator. He has a firm grasp of human movement thanks to traveling the world for over 4 years learning from various masters and teachers while experimenting extensively with himself and his students.

Eero has over 10 years of experience in movement training and has worked over 6 years as a teacher. He recently earned his first black belt in Qigong.

"Eero's focus on quality instead of quantity makes the difference. And of course his authenticity. There is no showing off. It is all about training. And this is what really convinced me."

Anna-Maria Gerhart ‧ Personal Trainer

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Strength & PHYSIQUE
Build a Strong & Functional Physique

Develop full body strength, lose fat and build muscle conveniently inside your living room or in a gym using the finely selected bodyweight strength and mobility/flexibility exercises.

Users Getting Stronger & Fitter Every Day Without Weights Or a Gym.

How Movement 20XX helped Praveen (USA) to complete and win a very physically challenging and intense Savage Race. Praveen came back with medals!

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Flexibility & Mobility training
Get Flexible, Mobile and Limber

Follow the active flexibility drills and various stretches to open up the body and develop your flexibility to a high level. Animal movement training will make the entire body limber and mobile beyond belief. You can become as supple as a leopard.

Members Developing Impressive 

Levels of Flexibility & Mobility

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Get Well-Coordinated & Learn How To Move Your Body

We will master 11 brilliantly designed flow routines which range from animal movement sets to artistic flows. In addition, we focus on mastering impressive 4 static skills. Both beginners and advanced are welcome!

Members Learning How to Perform Amazing Movements & How to Restore their Physiques

Perfect Program to Master Your Body

  • Works on all computers, tablets and phones.
  • Suitable for all difficulty levels: absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Workouts become gradually more difficult at your own pace.
  • 6 months of workouts and scheduling!

Movement 20XX is a full training program with HD videos, effective workouts, weekly schedules, complete routines and a brilliant structure. In addition it comes with our support system and a lot more.

artists & athletes of vahva fitness

Don't Do It Alone – Join Our Vibrant Community

artists & athletes of vahva fitness

As a member of our programs you will get access to our private Facebook group and can start sharing your progress with likeminded individuals. Progress is easy when you got support behind your back!

You can use the group for form check analysis (very important), motivation and networking with other members. Eero Westerberg is present in the group.

special included

Movement MasterClass



Inside the movement masterclass you will find 15 lessons on the fundamentals & methods of Movement 20XX Method. This is the method developed by Eero Westerberg over the last 10 years studying and researching movement and various forms of physical activity.

You will learn how to flow, how to be creative, how to develop courage and how to expand your training inside and outside of Movement 20XX.

  • The fundamentals of movement training
  • How to become limber and open up the body
  • Developing creative courage
  • The Flow Method by Eero Westerberg
  • Help and advice for your movement journey
  • BONUS: The fundamentals of Animal Movement Strength Training Method (AMSTM)
  • BONUS: The main pillar method of Animal Movement Strength Training Method
  • BONUS: 2 more methods of Animal Movement Strength Training Method 

1. Movement vs. Exercising (16:59)

"Exercising or movement can be something that comes very naturally and the only thing you will need is your body and a little bit of space."

Here is what you will learn:

  • What is the specific goal of movement training
  • The contrast between Movement 20XX and Athlete 20XX
  • The numerous benefits of movement training

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 16:59

2. How to Become Limber (7:13)

"Move in the way you want to be able to move."

How does the movement training make your body limber? What is limberness? 

You will also learn:

  • Different strategies to develop limberness
  • The main principle regarding developing limberness
  • Relaxation vs. stiffness

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 7:13

3. What If You Feel Clumsy or Awkward (10:18)

"Trust the process."

What to do if you feel or are clumsy and awkward? How to progress from stiffness to moving well.

We will cover the learning curve when it comes to learning movement.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 10:18

4. Developing Gracefulness & Effortlessness (14:28)

"The more effortless something looks, the more effort there is probably behind it."

Have you ever wondered where the "gracefulness" and "effortlessness" in movements come from? Here is how it's developed. 

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 14:28

5. How to Flow. (18:40)

"For the first time, the movements come from you."

You will learn:

  • What is flow
  • How to start practicing flow
  • The proper mindset for flow
  • Structure vs. Intuition
  • Using limitations for flow

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 18:40

6. The Need for Creativity & Courage (16:59)

How to find creativity in your training. How to develop courage and movement confidence! 

You will learn:

  • How to express your different emotional states in training and flow
  • Where to find creativity
  • Different tactics for different forms of expression
  • How to expand your movement variations
  • How to avoid stagnation and strict patterns

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 16:59

7. What If You Have Pains & Restrictions (9:32)

"Pain is often just an indicator to move better."

What to do if you have pains, aches or restrictions that limit your training or progress.

How to approach pain in your body and how to work around the injuries or restrictions in your training.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 9:32

8. How to Make the Exercise Harder (4:39)

What to do if the exercise or movement feels too easy?

Covering various tactics how to make the "easy" exercises significantly more difficult and thus get results even when the exercise initially seems easy.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 4:39

9. Transforming & Progress by Samuli (5:07)

Samuli, the co-founder of VAHVA Fitness, shares his personal transformation regarding getting mobile and limber and advice regarding how to progress even if you are very stiff and immobile in the start.

Teacher: Samuli Jyrkinen
Duration: 5:07

10. The Five Fundamentals To Master (15:17)

Covering the 5 fundamentals to master in Animal Movement Strength Training.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 15:17

11. Main Pillar Method (8:10)

Introducing and demonstrating the main pillar method of Animal Movement Strength Training. One of the most important methods and pillars of our animal movement training.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:10

12. Main Pillar Method Applications (10:33)

More movement applications on this method.

This will TRULY expand your movement training to a whole another level and make the body limber and strong beyond comparison.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 10:33

13. The Second Method (8:04)

One effective method to develop the body with Animal Movement Strength Training.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:04

14. The Third Method (8:51)

This is the most advanced method in this course which can be easily adjusted from the beginner level to the most elite level.

Be careful with this method at first since the physiological changes can be rather dramatic.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:51

15. The Challenge (14:45)

How to properly use the third method. Also demonstrating what the advanced level of this method looks like in practice.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 14:45

16. The Fourth Method (7:24)

How to utilize the fourth method.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 7:24

Here's Everything You Get

What you will get

  • Strength and mobility workouts with 30 strength exercises and 30 mobility drills ($900 Value)
  • Flow movement workouts with 53 flow elements and 11 flow routines ($900 Value)
  • 6 active flexibility drills and 4 static strength skills ($900 Value)
  • 6 months of workout routines with a built-in weekly schedule ($900 Value)
  • Movement 20XX Expansion: 30 more Animal Movements and 5 routines! ($1500 value)
  • BONUS: Movement MasterClass (16 Lessons - $5000 Value!)
  • BONUS: Free Muscle Up Guide ($50 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Mindset Training (15:01 length video) on maximizing the results ($400 Value) 
  • BONUS: Facebook Community (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Friendly support (Priceless)

total value = $11550

What you actually get is a training system that has been proven and tested by thousands of users. The system has all the tools and the support systems for you to transform your physique and ultimately your life.

Thanks to the format, you will be paying only a small portion of the value you get and a tiny amount in comparison to the benefits and results you can experience once you commit to this program.

Now, it's up to you to use these methods and knowledge to your personal benefit like many have before you. We and the community will be there with you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We want you to get results from this program. If after 30 days of following Movement 20XX you don't see any improvements, we offer you a full refund.

Support Included

We have a support system to help you get results.

  • Facebook community
  • Friendly support
  • Support documentation
Regular Plan

Get full access to Movement 20XX Method.


One-time payment of $497 or 3 monthly payments of $167 USD.

Personalized Experience

Full program personalized by Eero Westerberg.

  • Full access to Movement 20XX
  • Your access never expires
  • All content and bonuses included
  • 6-month training program
  • Special: Movement MasterClass
  • 3 months of online coaching with Eero Westerberg (Includes a personalized plan, 2 consultation/coaching calls, email support and form check analysis)


One-time payment of $1997 USD. Eero will contact you in 24-48 hours after joining with more details.


How much space do you need?

As long as you have enough space to do a basic push up, you should be able to practice majority of the elements of Movement 20XX. Home, gym or outside on grass are all great places to do Movement 20XX.

For some flow routines you will need more space but there are many stationary flow routines that do not require much or any space at all.

Always work with what you have and do everything you can – don't let small nuisances or excuses prevent you from getting the physique you want.

Do you need any equipment?

Movement 20XX is 100% bodyweight training program and for the most requires absolutely nothing. However, for pulling exercises you need a pull up bar / gymnastic rings or a TRX.

However, inside Movement 20XX you will find a video where Eero will give you great alternatives to these exercises using just bodyweight, bands or weights.

How does the course and workouts work?

After purchasing, you’ll get email with your personal login details to the course. The course platform works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The platform is extremely easy to use.

You can purchase the course via PayPal or credit card. We use the industry leaders PayPal and Stripe for secure payment processing. After purchasing, you can login here.

The price is shown in $ USD but you will automatically pay with your own currency.


There are two types of workouts: 1. main workouts (strength & mobility) and 2. flow workouts (flow elements and flow routines).

Each workout typically lasts 20-45 minutes and all the routines, workouts and advice are included in the program.

The default workout schedule has 4 workouts per week. It's possible to combine these workouts and move to other days so you can adjust the workouts perfectly to your schedule and lifestyle.

How does the regular plan work?

After purchasing, you’ll get full access to Movement 20XX Method (lifetime access). The program has the workouts, tutorials, lessons, workout schedule and everything included. The program is easy to follow and most people choose this plan.

Is Movement 20XX safe and beginner-friendly?

Countless beginners, people with existing injuries, seniors, overweight individuals etc. have joined Movement 20XX and successfully gotten great results.

This is due to the fact that we start from the very basics and the program gets gradually harder at your own pace. You simply repeat the previous month until you are ready for the next.

Every individual is different but there is no doubt you will be able to get a lot out of this program even if you have limitations. In this case, you only work around the injury which we will teach in Movement 20XX.

You may also fix your injuries and get rid of your limitations quicker than you think.

Does bodyweight training work? Results?

Bodyweight training does not only work but it's also one of the best and most effective methods of training for both strength and muscle size.

Your results will depend on multiple different factors, but with a good diet, Movement 20XX will build muscle and strength as well as any top level strength training program. If you are a woman, you won’t get bulky!

We have dominantly built our bodies with bodyweight training and so have others. See below for the testimonials and transformation pictures.

I have pain in X, can I do Movement 20XX?

If you can move your body, you can do Movement 20XX. You just work around the injury and do what you can.

If one exercise is causing problems, you either skip it or modify it. Or you work towards fixing the problem and then continue. We and the people in our Facebook group will be happy to help you out. We also touch on this in the lessons.

Your access also doesn't expire which means you can take necessary breaks if you need to and follow the program at your own pace.

You need to adapt the attitude and mentality that you will always do the most you can with what you have. Do not let injuries, restrictions or limitations be an excuse or hindrance to you making progress. This is how we live our life.

How does the personalized plan work?

You will get everything as with the regular plan (lifetime access to the program) but also 3 months of online coaching with Eero Westerberg.

The online coaching includes an initial video call with Eero (usually 60-120 minutes long) and based on that there will be a personalized plan with everything you need. After that, there will be a follow up call and email support & form check analysis for 3 months.

This is the best plan if you are serious about your goals and need everything customized to your needs and goals. This is also the best plan if you need a coach to keep you accountable.

After purchasing, you will get an email from Eero within 24-48 hours with more details in regards to how to proceed.

What our members say about us and our programs? 

Please see this video. 41 people quickly share their opinions on our programs and the results they have gotten.

Disclaimer: All of these testimonials and comments on this page are from members who have followed and executed the program. These people have committed to improving their lives and have done the necessary work. You may get better or worse results depending on your work ethic, ability to stick to the program, background and other factors.

This is exactly how I got strong, mobile and gained around 10 kg (22 pounds) of muscle!

Movement 20XX has the exercises and movements I personally used to transform my body from a skinny guy to what you see today.

Movement 20XX also contains the mobility exercises I have used to improve my mobility while fixing many back, hip and shoulder problems!

Eero Westerberg

Movement 20XX got me in a GREAT shape.

My journey started by first losing around 22 kg (50 lbs) of fat by doing the calisthenics exercises of Movement 20XX and plenty of cycling.

Later I gained around 10 kg (22 lbs) of muscle while maintaining low body fat. Soon I was able to do heavy chin ups with extra 50 kg (110 lbs) of weight and impressive bodyweight skills like muscle ups and levers!

Movement 20XX has the exercises, movements and workouts to get you in shape so it's really up to you to make it happen. No excuses left, just do the work!

Samuli Jyrkinen

Movement 20XX exceeded all of my expectations! The content is clean and well delivered, the programming is sound, and above all fun and inspiring.

Training nearly 6 months with Movement 20XX has increased my body control, built strength, increased mobility, produced a lean physique without unneeded mass, and has shown me just how capable of a mover I can become.

On par with participation in an internship at an extremely high level sports facility, Movement 20XX was the best investment for my own fitness and fitness knowledge that I have ever made.


At 44 years old I have never felt so good, looked so young in 20 years, and even in my 20's I was not this flexible and fit.

I feel better than ever now at this age and for my wife and 9 year old daughter that means EVERYTHING to me! I can't even believe how far how fast and how dramatic the results are from your Movement 20XX program!

My wife is a bit jealous and interested in starting, too! Your info on training regimen are absolutely perfect. Thanks so much guys - priceless!

Matthew Cutillo

Movement 20XX is definitely my personal fitness motivation.

Having tried different known fitness apps like Freeletics, I was quite disappointed. The problem for me was always that I got bored by the basic moves that had to repeated a thousand times, but not beautifully or aesthetically combined.

With Movement 20XX, I feel challenged and motivated knowing that the level will rise profoundly from month to month.

Anna-Maria Gerhart, Personal Trainer

Movement 20XX is super fun and an effective method of exercise, body awareness, concentration and coordination.

I am a Yoga teacher and have a deep appreciation for locomotive movement. I purchased the Movement 20XX program and was so impressed with the format and break down of movements for each exercise.

The Movement 20XX was the start of my new-found-love for body weight training and has served as a stepping-stone for Athlete 20XX.

Karen Dubi, Yogi

Movement 20XX and Vahva Fitness helped me to gain muscle and lose a significant amount of weight

Now after losing a lot of weight I'm in the process of gaining muscle and getting fitter.

Movement 20XX is a great well done program with lots of content and it can produce good results.


Movement is great, it makes the body flexible, helps with mobility, plus you get stronger every day and you don’t feel like you are training. It is so much fun learning new movements or trying out different animal moves.

I have noticed tremendous changes in my body, especially upper body, more specifically in my arms. I have never had so much visible muscle in my life! I can finally do pushups and it feels so easy. It is unbelievable how in such a short period of time a body can go through such changes.


Regular practice of ‘movement’ is an incomparable asset to the maintenance of not only physical but also psychological well-being late into life.

Fantastic! I watched numerous of Eero's videos and saw how genuine and inspired he was and best of all that he was offering a very basic, elementary approach, one step at a time, starting from the ground up. This I could find nowhere else and so was invaluable to me.

I have now completed Movement 20XX with absolute satisfaction. So much so that when Athlete 20XX came along I purchased that also.


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