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Use Athlete 20XX Method & Precision Training to build athletic muscle, bulletproof your joints and maximize performance without damaging or abusing the body.

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build athletic muscle
Build Athletic Muscle

"I have done over a year of Athlete 20XX and I'd say it's perfect for your goal. I've put on about 18 kilos (40 pounds) of mass." - Ethan Caldicott

Build athletic muscle and build a nice chunk of it but without losing any mobility, agility, speed or functionality.
bulletproof your joints
Bulletproof Your Joints

"I feel much less prone to injury and have improved my mind-muscle connection as well as knowledge about the body." - Matthias Franke

Learn to bulletproof your joints with the techniques, principles and exercises of Athlete 20XX. How much are your joints worth?
progress without damaging the body
Sustainable Progress

"So excited to get stronger and love the methodology to all of Vahva's practices. Moving with intention and efficiency, becoming one with your body!" - Ernesto Delacruz

Make continuous progress without hitting plataeus and without damaging, abusing or destroying the body in the process.


Is your training causing chronic pain and are you hitting plateaus you can’t break through?

This is why a lot of people find our programs. Typically these issues are from their recreational training... lifting weights or working out with their bodyweight. 

Athletes also find us to solve their restricting, hindering and painful problems with their bodies.

Some realize the path they are on before experiencing problems and adjust the direction before it's too late.

The good news? We have the solution.

The vast majority of the training methodologies and styles you have probably done, are not designed for longevity or for improving the strength and stability of your joints.

Quite the contrary. 

These forms of training have benefits but they always take something in return. And the cost becomes higher the older you get and the more you focus on this type of training.

These paths will ultimately lead to injuries and stalling of progress. Yes, you will make results in strength and size but in the long term these gains are not even worth the price. Joint problems can literally destroy the quality of your life. Does your big bicep even matter at this point?

WHAT IF there was a way to get the same kind of results (or even better) while making the body less prone to injuries and while fixing existing injuries?

The reason why we know what we are talking about is because we were on this destructive path ourselves. We experienced numerous joint problems in our back, shoulders and elbows which prevented us from doing what we love and from making progress.

These were truly depressing times and we had to really dig deep to find a solution. Through obsessive experimentation, study and research of both modern and ancient training styles, we eventually found a solution.

The solution was something internal, not external. Up to this point, your training has probably been almost solely focused on the external: repetitions, weight, superficial goals etc.

We experienced something we call "Fitness Enlightenment". This turning point entirely turned our training upside down and helped us to discover the internal principles we needed to fix the issues and start making progress again.

In the midst of darkness and pain, we discovered something we call:


Later, we gave a name to these principles and methods which we now call "Precision Training".

Since then, hundreds have fixed their nagging and chronic pains, bulletproofed their joints and made insane progress in strength, size and athleticism.

The only question left is: do you have the same problem as we did and as did countless of others?

For this problem, we have discovered the solution and can provide help. It won't be easy, fast or cheap but it will be worth it.

The alternative solution is to keep doing what you have been doing and eventually find yourself with injuries that destroy the quality of your life and require painful surgeries that will never recover 100%.

You are about to remove the limitations of your training and discover a new way of training only few old timers (pre 1950s) and contemporary masters have discovered to this day.

Athlete 20XX is a game changer and your new competitive advantage.

Your Teacher

eero westerberg head coach of vahva fitness

Eero Westerberg

Head Coach of VAHVA FItness

Eero is a world-renowned movement master, body restoration specialist and physical educator. He has a firm grasp of human movement thanks to traveling the world for over 4 years learning from various masters and teachers while experimenting extensively with himself and his students.

Eero has over 10 years of experience in physical fitness and has worked over 6 years as a teacher. He is one of the most sought after teachers in the world. Eero works and has worked with different types of people from fitness enthusiasts to personal trainers and professional athletes.

"It's important to realize that Eero's teachings are literally world class. It's quite possibly the best advice you can find today."

Matt Cook - Eero's coaching student

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Athletic Bodybuilding
Build Muscle Without Losing Speed, Mobility or Functionality

We are building muscle but not in the conventional way. Athlete 20XX is called "ATHLETIC BODYBUILDING" because we use a lot of the timeless principles from bodybuilding but in a way that promotes athleticism, health and mobility.

Users Making Huge Gains in Muscle Mass Without Drugs or Losing Performance

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Mobility & Stability
Bulletproof, Strengthen & Fix Your Joints

We will master the art of bulletproofing, strengthening and stabilizing the joints. Many of your nagging injuries and pains may disappear when you follow this program. It has happened to countless of others already.

Members Bulletproofing their Joints & Fixing Their Injuries

Roni Tuomi, Finland, Serious BJJ & MMA competitor

"The athlete program was a life saver for me. I spent a lot of money and time trying to fix my body while getting nowhere, so getting a healthy and strong body at this price point is something I can't recommend enough."

I have been training with the Athlete 20XX and Warrior 20XX programs for a year now.

My training background is in MMA and I used to do some traditional weightlifting on the side before switching to these programs. During my training I developed a lot of injuries and problems in my body, mainly my rotator cuffs, knees and back. It got to the point that I had tried everything I could think of to manage the pain and had accepted that it was the cost of training hard.

After starting the Athlete 20XX program I started noticing the differences pretty quickly. After a few months my knees were a lot stronger, my back pain was gone and my shoulders started working again. Now I don’t have any constant pain in my joints and injuries from training have reduced significantly.

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Sustainable Training
Break Through Plateaus & Make Progress

Progress to the highest level without damaging, abusing or destroying the body or your joints. This is sustainable strength training that allows you to make gains while the body continues to become less prone to injuries.

Members Unleashing Their Potential by Finding Weaknesses & Untouched Territories

Perfect Program to Master Your Body

  • Works on all computers, tablets and phones.
  • Suitable for all difficulty levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Includes an easy-to-follow weekly schedule with the workouts and routines.
artists & athletes of vahva fitness

Don't Do It Alone – Join Our Vibrant Community

artists & athletes of vahva fitness

As a member of our programs you will get access to our private Facebook group and can start sharing your progress with likeminded individuals. Progress is easy when you got support behind your back!

You can also use the group for form check analysis, motivation and networking with other members. Eero Westerberg is present in the group.

ONline course included

Precision Training & Mind-Muscle Connection

Remove the limitations of your training and master the art of Precision Training & Mind-Muscle Connection.


Athlete 20XX comes with an entire 3-hour course on the Precision Training methodology. This knowledge not only will help you get incredible effects with Athlete 20XX but you can also utilize the same methods outside of this program.

This course will give you the principles and techniques to produce outstanding results with yourself or with your clients.

We will cover:

  • The fundamental principles behind Precision Training Methodology
  • Understanding human body at a higher level
  • How to develop mind-muscle connection
  • How to bulletproof your joints exactly
  • How to build athletic muscle without losing speed, mobility, agility or functionality
  • And a lot more wisdom inside these lessons

1. How to Progress Between the Phases (21:37)

Athlete 20XX comes with three different phases. Here is the purpose and benefits of each phase and how long you should focus on each phase.

Phase 1: Strength & mobility. We often use support for stability so we can solely focus on the target areas. This allows us to articulate the joints in their pure range of motion instead of being interfered by unrelated muscles or parts of the body.

Phase 2: Very advanced and coordinated training. We learn to create the support with our own body instead of relying on external support such as a bench. We will also focus on developing stability in different parts of the body, including the core.

Phase 3: Focus purely on speed and power but without forgetting the lessons we learned in the previous Phases. Stability is still important and your movements should be well supported by your body even when you are doing explosive movements. Moreover, you are still developing stability in these movements and often in a more strenuous way.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 21:37

2. Understanding Scapula Control & Articulations (6:33)

One of the most important aspects of upper body training is understanding scapula control and the different articulations – especially stability of the shoulder girdle (scapula). This will honestly make or break your upper body training.

Yet, even at higher level people tend to have a poor skill or understanding of the very basic mechanics. This is something to keep in your mind in ALL upper body exercises where the shoulder blades are involved.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 6:33

3. The Importance of Core Stability (8:42)

Controlling your core is another massively important element of full body training. Core stability makes a humongous difference regardless of the area you are training: upper or lower body.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:42

4. Precision Training Methodology (9:47)

"Perfect form, perfect control and perfect contraction."

The methodology we use in Athlete 20XX is called Precision Training. This is a special form of training we developed over the years with the help of our own experience, researching modern training and studying the old school strongmen and bodybuilders.

Thanks to the Precision Training methodology, we are removing the randomness from our training and finally get the results we want. If you do it right, there is simply no way you are not getting the intended results. It leaves nothing for the chance or luck.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 9:47

5. Muscle Contraction & Feeling (8:03)

A lesson on the proper muscle contraction and feeling the muscles. This is something we will train in every single training session.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:03

6. Stimulus is King (10:33)

By utilizing the principles of Athlete 20XX and Precision Training, you will be able to create a massive stimulus (a lot better than with heavy weights) to the target muscles without causing any wear and tear.

Also answers to questions:

  • How to know the muscles are properly stimulated?
  • How to achieve the most stimulus?
  • What makes Athlete 20XX and Precision Training completely the opposite to how everyone is training?

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 10:33

7. What to Do If You Have Pains & Aches (8:20)

How to deal with and how to train around your pains, cracks and aches.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:20

8. How to Develop Mind-Muscle Connection (26:29)

"Without the mind-muscle connection you are like walking in the dark - you have blinded yourself regarding what happens inside of your body. Mind-muscle connection is a way to take responsibility over your body."

The very heart of Precision Training is called Mind-Muscle Connection. Here is my experience developing the mind-muscle connection.

You will learn:

  • What is mind-muscle connection exactly
  • How to develop mind-muscle connection
  • The principles of mind-muscle connection
  • The enormous benefits of mind-muscle connection
  • Why we need to develop mind-muscle connection
  • The problems you will experience if you don't develop mind-muscle connection
  • The miraculous effects of mind-muscle connection when it comes to smaller muscles of the body

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 26:29

9. The Reality of Progressive Overload (NOT WHAT YOU THINK) (8:35)

The progressive overload principle in its highest form is not exactly what you think.

Let's talk about the progressive overload principle in the context of Athlete 20XX, how to use it and several misconceptions regarding the principle.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:35

10. How to Bulletproof Your Joints Exactly (18:51)

One of the primary reasons for developing Athlete 20XX was to find a way to make constant progress and reach a high level of athletic ability without causing wear and tear or breaking the body in the process.

The training styles we utilized prior to Athlete 20XX gave results but always took something in return. We experienced chronic pains in the joints and tendons that wouldn't go away.

One of the main purposes of Athlete 20XX is to constantly make your joints stronger and less prone to injuries.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to "bulletproof" the joints exactly
  • Why structural balance / integrity matters
  • How to train the muscles to protect the joints
  • How to guide the muscles to absorb all the resistance instead of the joints
  • The internal mechanics that protect the joints

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 5:09

11. How to Build Muscle Without Sacrificing Speed, Functionality or Mobility (25:01)

Athlete 20XX can be called "athletic bodybuilding" because we are using many of the universal principles for building muscle the old school bodybuilders and modern bodybuilders have used for the last century.

In this video we are covering the fundamentals of building muscle without sacrificing speed, agility, functionality or mobility.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 25:01

12. My Turning Point, Breakthroughs & Fitness Enlightenment (13:14)

“I wish I had the humility to do this type of training in the beginning. Athlete 20XX really does break the ego.”

Athlete 20XX was partly created due to desperation (we started to experience chronic and nagging joint problems) but also partly due to inspiration (we wanted to develop the best physique possible).

The vast majority (nearly all) of modern training is ego-driven. People are focusing on the totally wrong thing.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 13:14

13. Internal Cadence (17:52)

Internal Cadence = Continuous & controlled rhythm to maintain and accumulate tension in the target muscles to maximise stimulus in a given time frame.

The method of keeping constant nonstop tension in the target muscles. Time under tension is the goal when working any muscle. Here we are maximising the TUT in every set.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 17:52

14. TUT & Timer Sets (8:26)

A lesson on time under tension and doing timer sets. This alone can transform your workouts and your results!

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:26

BONUS: How to Rehab Your Knees (8:47)

Here is Eero's video response with many exercises and tips to one of the new students who was experiencing knee pain prior to joining Athlete 20XX Method.

Teacher: Eero Westerberg
Duration: 8:47

BONUS: Superior Athletic Ankles & Feet Course!

Athlete 20XX comes with an additional ankles & feet course that covers the strength, mobility, stability and power training. Become super agile & rehab your ankles and feet. Necessary for all athletes & martial artists!

Here's Everything You Get

What you will get

  • Phase 1: Strength & Mobility Workout Program ($1500 Value)
  • Phase 2: Stability & Balance Workout Program ($1500 Value)
  • Phase 3: Speed & Power ($1500 Value)
  • Workout scheduling ($900 Value)
  • BONUS: Precision Training Online Course ($5000 Value!)
  • BONUS: Superior Athletic Ankles & Feet Course ($1000 Value!)
  • BONUS: How to Rehab Your Knees Lesson ($100 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Mindset Training (15:01 length video) on maximizing the results ($400 Value) 
  • BONUS: Facebook Community (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Friendly Support (Priceless)

total value = $14900

What you actually get is a training system that has been proven and tested by thousands of users. The system has all the tools and the support systems for you to transform your physique and ultimately your life.

Thanks to the format, you will be paying only a small portion of the value you get and a tiny amount in comparison to the benefits and results you can experience once you commit to this program.

Now, it's up to you to use these methods and knowledge to your personal benefit like many have before you. We and the community will be there with you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We want you to get results from this program. If after 30 days of following Athlete 20XX you don't see any improvements, we offer you a full refund.

Support Included

We have a support system to help you get results.

  • Facebook community
  • Friendly support
  • Support documentation
Regular Plan

Get full access to Athlete 20XX Method.


One-time payment of $997 or 3 monthly payments of $337 USD.

Personalized Experience

Full program personalized by Eero Westerberg.

  • Full access to Athlete 20XX
  • Your access never expires
  • All content and bonuses included
  • 3 Phases & 3 Training Programs
  • Online course on Precision Training included
  • 3 months of online coaching with Eero Westerberg (Includes a personalized plan, 3 consultation/coaching calls, email support and form check analysis)


One-time payment of $2497 USD. Eero will contact you in 24-48 hours after joining with more details.


What equipment do I need?

The minimum requirement for Athlete 20XX is a set of dumbbells and a pull up bar. If you workout at home, we recommend getting an adjustable set of dumbbells. These are the most useful, inexpensive and very easy to find everywhere.

We use some barbell exercises in Athlete 20XX but these can be potentially substituted with dumbbells. Dumbbells can be potentially substituted with bands.

Roughly 70% of Athlete 20XX is bodyweight training which makes it perfect to do at home or in a gym.

How many weeks of workouts are there?

Athlete 20XX consists of three different 4-week programs (12-weeks of scheduled workouts) in total and many of the workouts change every week (there is a lot of variety).

However, each phase can be repeated as many times as necessary and once you have completed all the phases, you can return to phase 1. We touch on this more in the methodology lessons.

Although there are 12 weeks' worth of workouts, you could be and probably should be using Athlete 20XX for years for phenomenal results.

How does the course work?

After purchasing, you’ll get email with your personal login details to the course. The course platform works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The platform is extremely easy to use.

The price is shown in $ USD but you will automatically pay with your own currency.

How does the regular plan work?

After purchasing, you’ll get full access to Athlete 20XX Method (lifetime access). The program has the workouts, tutorials, lessons, workout schedule and everything included. The program is easy to follow and most people choose this plan.

Is Athlete 20XX for beginners?

Phase 1 is suitable for beginners and phase 2 can also be done by less fit individuals although it may take some time to master.

Phases 1 & 2 are extremely rehabilitative in case you have joint problems or restrictions.

The explosive training only starts after you have mastered the phases 1 & 2. This makes Athlete 20XX very special because no other programs really build you from the ground up to the top.

How long do I have access to Athlete 20XX?

Your access to Athlete 20XX does not expire if you complete all the payments (1-time payment or 3 monthly payments).

I have pain in X, can I start Athlete 20XX?

If you can move your body, you can do Athlete 20XX. You just work around the injury and do what you can.

If one exercise is causing problems, you either skip it or modify it. Or you work towards fixing the problem and then continue. We and the people in our Facebook group will be happy to help you out. We also touch on this in the lessons.

Your access also doesn't expire which means you can take necessary breaks if you need to and follow the program at your own pace.

You need to adapt the attitude and mentality that you will always do the most you can with what you have. Do not let injuries, restrictions or limitations be an excuse or hindrance to you making progress. This is how we live our life.

How does the personalized plan work?

You will get everything as with the regular plan (lifetime access to the program) but also 3 months of online coaching with Eero Westerberg.

The online coaching includes an initial video call with Eero (usually 60-120 minutes long) and based on that there will be a personalized plan with everything you need. After that, there will be a follow up call and email support & form check analysis for 3 months.

This is the best plan if you are serious about your goals and need everything customized to your needs and goals. This is also the best plan if you need a coach to keep you accountable.

After purchasing, you will get an email from Eero within 24-48 hours with more details in regards to how to proceed.

What people say about working with us?

Please see this video. 41 people quickly share their opinion on the program and the results they have gotten.

Disclaimer: All of these testimonials and comments on this page are from members who have followed and executed the program. These people have committed to improving their lives and have done the necessary work. You may get better or worse results depending on your work ethic, ability to stick to the program, background and other factors.

My expectations for the Athlete 20XX program were pretty high. And what can I say: Eero and his team delivered!

I'm 100% sure that if you stick with the program you will: get faster, become stronger and more athletic, more flexible and mobile and also you are training for longevity and not just for a short pump!

The things you will find in this program are so valuable and even more than I expected.

Nils Wittfoot, Germany, Personal Trainer.

I would not hesitate to say this is Eero's best work yet, and his previous work is already leagues above work of other teachers.

It's important to realize that Eero's teachings are literally world class. It's quite possibly the best advice you can find today. I can assure you Athlete 20XX is a bargain compared to what it's worth.

His teachings have helped me eliminate a lot of pain and move much, much better. Bottom line, you will be very happy with Athlete 20XX.

Matt Cook, Australia.

Athlete 20XX makes me realize weak parts of my body and forces me to work on them every week. This is something I have never done and should have done 10 years ago.

I am a lifelong athlete. I have trained floorball, boxing, Hapkido, currently Brazilian jiujitsu and I have been complimenting these hobbies with weight training, yoga, running, cycling, swimming, you name it!

After the first session of phase 1 I was sold since I noticed how weak my hip muscles are. Also I noticed that my core muscles and hip mobility were not as good as I thought they were.

Jari Peiponen, Finland, BJJ competitor.

In 11 weeks of persistent training I've improved my bone density and gained a solid 2kg of lean muscle mass.

I'm just about to finish the third round of phase 1, where I made remarkable progress building muscle mass, increasing energy and physical strength. Moreover, I forgot what it means to be sore after workouts.

Results are thriving and I can fully enjoy the process! I'm already feeling very well-rounded and ready for anything. With your strong determination, hard work and consistency Athlete 20XX gives you all you need to achieve outstanding results!

Agne Griciunaite, United Kingdom.

Athlete 20XX is by far one of the best programs I've ever seen and used. In my mid 50's and I've seen many programs but nothing as well thought out as this.

I have a few issues that have popped up. A bad hip for one. But Athlete 20XX is set so you can work either with or work around these. It is so awesome that everything is presented with a tutorial so no guessing from a drawn picture. Clear and concise.

The progress is so natural that you see the improvements as well as feel the gains! Clearly Eero put a lot of time and effort into Athlete 20XX. This was clearly a labor of love and I greatly appreciate everything this program offers.

Mike McCollom, United States.

I got ATHLETE 20XX and decided to be stronger than my fears. Before long, I've noticed great results.

I have always enjoyed practicing sports and physical exercises, but my growing study routine was hampering my physical development. Eero is amazing, great professional and very smart.

The program is also incredible, I feel stronger and getting closer to the body I desire. I recommend to everyone who knows Eero's work, you will not regret it.

Gabriel Batista, Brazil.

Despite my concerns that weight training would hinder my flexibility and range of motion, I decided to give Athletic 20XX a try. I am so glad I did!

This program is the most intelligent strength program. I love that it is not based on heavy-loaded weight training, but rather a refined muscle recruitment that builds functional strength.

The progressive phases and variety of the program, makes the daily routines really easy to follow. I love Eero’s style and methodology of teaching, and I love the format and design of the programs. I highly recommend both Eero's programs!!

Karen Dubi, New York.

I just wanted to say how impressed I am. I love that Athlete 20XX focuses on injury prevention, stabilising joints, active mobility and core strength.

I'm just over half way through Athlete 20XX. I just wanted to say how impressed I am. I love that it focuses on injury prevention, stabilising joints, active mobility and core strength.

The variety, the pacing and sequencing of exercises all seem really well thought out. I feel I’m benefiting from a lot of careful thought that has gone into designing this program so I really wanted to thank you for putting it together.

Alexander Bremnen, United Kingdom.

I'm really loving the program, I'm going through a rehabilitation process after a dance accident, I've been making enormous progress and the program has been great help throughout the process!

I quickly started feeling greater stability and control within my body, just going up the stairs felt different, suddenly it was effortless, more of my body was engaged too, also a wobble that I had on my left knee is now gone.

This has helped me to get extremely in tune with my body, I literally feel my muscles reacting and re-adjusting themselves. I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone!

Olga RK, Canada.

Unbelievable how different "simple exercises" can get, when you do them with focus. I have the feeling that I must start all over from beginning - really from zero.

There are not many who teach this way of consciously moving one's body, so Athlete 20XX really is not only worth the price, it‘s can be really meaningful for everybody.

Eero's approach combines your consciousness with your body, which makes it so precious to your overall sense of well being - and it’s unique of course. Thank you for this work and getting me on my own road to really turn my body on - from the inside out.

Maurice Merkert, Germany.

Athlete 20XX changed everything for me and completely altered the trajectory of my physical development.

Prior to Athlete 20XX I had already been training for years and tried pretty much everything: bar workout, powerlifting, gymnastics, bodybuilding - you name it.

Athlete 20XX changed everything for me because it turned out that my body was full of imbalances and weaknesses I didn't know even existed.

Now I feel like I can do anything. I can dance, play sports and do martial arts at a high level because my body is no longer holding me back.

Samuli Jyrkinen, Finland.

samuli transformation
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