Abs 20XX

- Complete Guide on How I Developed My Core & Maintain My Body Fat

- 94-Page PDF on Core Training & Diet

Here’s everything that’s inside of Abs 20XX:

  •  How to develop the complete abdominals (lower & upper, rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis)
  • How to develop the 3 functions of the obliques (most people train only 1 or 0!)
  • How to target upper & lower obliques
  • The best core exercises for every part and every function, including stability, support and hollow body work!
  • 10 core routines included (full workouts and accessory routines)
  • The 4 methods for achieving the most success with core training
  • Complete nutrition guide on how to get fit
  • Introduction to intuitive eating and fat loss
  • The 7-step ladder for getting fit and how to lose fat
  • Meal examples, menus & my favorite recipes
  • Q&A section

Previously the guide was sold for $49, today you can get it for just $19.

All prices in $ USD.

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