Exclusive Training from VAHVA Fitness:

Discover the 10 Laws of Universal Strength Training: Avoid Injuries, Break Through Plateaus & Build the ULTIMATE Body.

10 commandments of vahva fitness
  • Maximize your results with weights or bodyweight
  • Discover why your training is causing injuries
  • Learn how to break through plateaus and never stall on your progress
  • Attain the laws of strength training that is optimized for universal crossover to health, sports and martial arts

We will never charge you. This 10-day course was previously sold - Get it today for FREE!

10 commandments of vahva fitness

Everything You Will Get:

  • 10 video lessons on the 10 laws of universal strength training.
  • A "10 Commandments" PDF with more information (27 pages long). You will get this after the last lesson. 
  • Supportive resources to every lesson that should be massively helpful.
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